It’s January, and we all know what that means. It’s that time of year when people resolve to eat better, workout more, start a business, find a better job, travel more, spend more time with their children and so on. Most resolutions are broken before the end of February. Yes, as human beings our attention span is that short. It’s almost laughable. I think that we all start out with good intentions. We just get distracted or get weary due to the amount of energy it takes to go after our goals. Let’s face it, if it were easy to do, we’d all have the lives of our dreams. But finding a way to remain focused is essential if you are going to achieve success, and a way to get back on track if you lose focus is a great idea.

Some of the ways that you can remain focused are:

  1. Make your goals visual. By placing your goals where you will see them often, you remind yourself of what needs to be done, as well as hold yourself accountable for what you told yourself that you want to accomplish. This can be done a number of ways. Every year, I clip magazines to create my vision board. This board encompasses the things I want for myself, in my romantic life, family, business dealings and friendships. Things like exercising more, traveling to certain destinations, cooking more, falling in love, eat better, etc. I clip words of empowerment along with the images and once completed, I put the board somewhere that I will see it often, such as my bedroom or living room. I also purchased a cork board that I can place index cards about my goals. I recently bought post its, so I can slap those all over my home to remind me of what little actions will get me closer to my goals.
  2. Find an accountability partner AND a mastermind group. Ask a friend or mentor that believes in your vision to be your accountability partner, and set a schedule upon which you will speak to each other about your progress or setbacks. Make these updates as often as you both are comfortable with. Sometimes the loudness of the chatter of those who wish to see us fail becomes deafening. Your accountability partner can help you ignore the naysayers and stay on track. A mastermind circle is vital because it is a group that are all moving towards goals that can be your sounding board for new ideas. They are also a great group to bounce ideas off of and hear testimonials from. If you are the smartest person in your mastermind group, you’re in the wrong group!
  3. Reward yourself at milestones. Make sure that you reward yourself along the way to keep you motivated to hit the next goal. Whether its something small like a favorite food or a massage at a spa, to something larger like a new car, home, or an amazing trip. Knowing that you are working towards smaller goals and rewards on the way to the larger ones keeps you from being overwhelmed.
  4. Give your goals deadlines. It’s easy to say that you’ll do something “one day”. But by giving your goals an actual date, you hold yourself accountable and when the day gets closer, you will feel either motivated to push through it, or upset that you haven’t achieved it. Move past the frustration, set another date (that is not unnecessarily far into the future, and continue moving forward. Things happen, life gets in the way. I’ve been there. Keep moving!

I hope that this quick list helps you get your 2018 off to an amazing start. Have any other tips? Send them to and I’ll share them with the readers.

Be amazing,


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